The truth about cMMC

CMMC Compliance Is Not Easy

What You

are likely


A barrage of companies claiming to have a solution.

Many going so far as to claim, “CMMC is easy!”

You’re left trying to cut through the noise.

Which companies have the right solutions for CMMC compliance?

Where are appropriate places to make necessary investments? 

The Reality of CMMC

Despite All of This, CMMC Can be Solved
in a Manageable and Holistic Manner.

Your Organization Has Likely Solved for Some,
But Not All, of CMMC Requirements.

We Will Help You Fill Your Gaps

compliance tracking

SP6 has developed two alternate solutions for you to consider, one of which provides real-time automated compliance tracking.


SP6 not only provides end-user security awareness training, but also tutorials for your security engineers on how to best solve for CMMC.

Tool Assessment

There are many tool options. SP6 will make you aware of open source or licensed options.


SP6 makes available free, customizable InfoSec policy documents to satisfy CMMC.

Connecting policy & practice

Security policy needs to find its way into cybersecurity tool configuration. Too often, this is absent.

Cybersecurity tools

CMMC requires 12+ cyber tools. We'll help you assess and select the proper tools.

SP6 Has Developed a solution that takes into account all of the required components of CMMC

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