What’s Happening with CMMC 2.0

Changes Are Coming

There’s a lot of information being posted on the internet and social media regarding the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program. Meanwhile, the newest iteration of the program, CMMC 2.0, is quickly taking shape.

While some program criteria haven’t been announced yet, we highly recommend that contractors within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) prepare by working toward full compliance with NIST 800-171.

To help you stay up to date on recent developments, we’ve developed a handy checklist of 9 things you need to know about CMMC 2.0 right now

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As a CMMC Registered Provider Organization, we have a dedicated team of CMMC registered practitioners. Our goal is to provide DIB contractors with the best possible strategies to achieve CMMC compliance between now and when the new requirements are expected to be incorporated into contracts. That should happen within the next nine to 24 months.

SP6’s CMMC preparations include incorporating a CMMC Guardian app.

We Are Here to Help

Ask us about how we can assist you with CMMC 2.0 implementation.