CMMC Credentialed

CMMC Accreditation Body (AB)

Strongly advised DoD contractors who are seeking assistance with their CMMC initiatives to leverage CMMC Registered Provider Organizations (RPO).

SP6 is a CMMC RPO with a large team of Registered Practitioners (RP’s). In the CMMC ecosystem, Registered Provider Organizations and Registered Practitioners provide advice, consulting, and recommendations to DoD contractors working towards CMMC compliance. 

RPO’s are considered by the CMMC to be “implementers” and consultants, who precede Certified Assessments. (RPO’s do not provide audits, due to potential conflicts of interest.)

CMMC RPO Certification

RPO’s are required to have team members on staff that has been through specific CMMC training, to assure that the advisement provided to DoD contractors is sound.

RPO’s are subject to an organizational background check by the CMMC Accreditation Body.

Why a cmmc




Being a CMMC Registered Provider Organization Is Simply a Starting Point

Your oganization needs a partner that has expertise in several different areas, including:

Security Policy

Policy drives InfoSec practices. SP6 provides Policy rules that can be checked against tool configuration.

Cybersecurity Practice

Our InfoSec SME’s advise you on what exactly to solve for, within each of the required CMMC practices.

Required Cybersecurity
Tools & Engineering

SP6 can assist with the selection and engineering of the variety of tools that CMMC requires.

Training for
Security Admins

We’ve created a video series for your Admins & Engineers to knowledge transfer on each of the 130 CMMC practices.


Throw away your manual spreadsheet. Our ART tool provides automated, real-time CMMC Compliance tracking.


SP6 can provide assistance both before and during your CMMC audit, ensuring a smooth audit experience.

The whole of CMMC is complex

Our Solution
SP6 combines all this expertise in a single provider.

Partner with an organization that can advise you through all of these components.

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