CMMC Security Practices

Lots of Requirements. Lots of Ambiguity.




A look at any one – let alone all 171 – of the required CMMC Security Practices can lead down a rabbit hole of questions.

As written, these Practices are ambiguous. 

These 171 requirements actually have 433 auditable Assessment Criteria (382 Assessment Criteria at Level 3).

Ambiguity is compounding by magnitude.

SP6 solves this puzzle.

Our solution includes practice advisement &
the proper tools to resolve CMMC Compliance.

We'll Help You Navigate the
Multitude of Questions

What exactly are some of the CMMC Practices requiring?

What are the best ways to solve for what is being asked?

Which cybersecurity tools are right for your business?

Which solutions do not live up to the marketing hype?

Do we know the most up-to-date products and solutions?

What are our the opensource solutions alternatives available?

We Have the Answers.

Leverage Our

Security Practices and Tools Expertise